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Playce Cloud is
OpenStack IaaS platform and Kubernetes PaaS platform optimized for your environment.

Playce Cloud supports building of stable, optimized cloud environment by considering the architecture and the ecosystem of the global community.

Why Playce Cloud?

Stability secured through community-based technical support

Playce Cloud is a project developed by a large number of
vendors. It secured stability by providing the
community-based efficient support system.

  • Tech support by the in-house research team and the
    community, instead of depending on specific vendors
  • Continuous upgrades and patches through
    packaging by version
  • Support for tech transfer to customers including
    expertise on operation/maintenance
  • Open source building of the monitoring/logging/
    DevOps environment
  • Upgrade/patch support enabling seamless service
Optimized environment configuration

Total consulting/building/maintenance for IaaS & PaaS
enables configuration optimized for the environment of

  • Total service integrated consulting/building/
    maintenance for IaaS and PaaS
  • IaaS and PaaS optimization proposals according to
    needs of customers
  • Building of the monitoring/logging/DevOps
    environment for IaaS and PaaS
  • SDS (Software-Defined Storage) building using

Open Source Consulting Services

We provide consulting/building/maintenance services for cloud native computing implementation as a Kubernetes Certified Service Provider.
  • High-availability Kubernetes cluster configuration and container-based cloud environment deployment consulting
  • Technical support from engineers with Certified Kubernetes Administrator(CKA)
  • Environmental evaluation consulting for the cloud operation by IaaS and PaaS experts
  • Technical training for building of Kubernetes environment and practical operation by field engineers

Technical Support System of Open Source Consulting

Technical Support System of Open Source Consulting Technical Support System of Open Source Consulting

Product Types

Playce OpenStack provides the environment optimized for operation management ranging
from basic features to auto installation, configuration, monitoring
for fault diagnosis and resolution, and the basic dashboard.

  • The OpenStack community measures maturity on seven scales, evaluating stability and sustainability
  • OpenStack is matured, proven with a total of six projects, maturity of 5 or above for over a decade, and 87% or higher rates of requirement application
  • The latest version is Ussuri completed by 1,100 individuals and 165 organizations

Key Features

Building of SDDC
(Software-Defined Data Center)
  • IaaS solution packaged OpenStack of OIF (Open Infrastructure
  • Configuration and deployment of Kubernetes of CNCF as Bare
  • Server virtualization/network virtualization/storage
  • Real-time monitoring/logging
Containerized OpenStack
  • Kolla, which is OpenStack module turned to a container, was
    used to provide stable and flexible infrastructure
  • Monitoring configuration using Prometheus/Grafana
  • Block storage/shared storage using Ceph

Main Function of Playce OpenStack

Playce OpenStack is the IaaS solution controlling the entire lifecycle of infrastructure.

Management of All Servers
  • Management of the entire lifecycle of infrastructure including Bare metal/VM/
Network Separation/
  • Independent VM environment for each
    function by separating VLAN and subnet
  • Load Balancing for VM/Kubernetes
Golden Image Deployment
  • Deployment of identical images to Bare
    metal/VM/Kubernetes to create the
    environment identical to the legacy environment
Environment Optimized for
R&D Support
  • Quick on-demand VM and container
    environment service without hiring an
    external hardware vendor
Real-Time Monitoring/
  • Building of the environment for admin’s
    instant fault monitoring and responses
Storage Virtualization
  • Storage virtualization through Ceph
  • Storage with maximized efficiency using

Playce OpenStack Configuration

Playce OpenStack supports diverse configurations according to the environment of customers, including the HCI type, the SDDC type and the external storage connection type.

Minimum Configuration (Minimum configuration for testing: 3 units)
Extended Configuration

Playce Kube is a PaaS solution that enables automated operation management and easy deployment of applications based on Google-driven Kubernetes open source.

  • The application platform optimized for seamless application operation as one of the CNCF project
  • Standard container orchestration platform enabling comprehensive management and support of diverse containers

Key Features

Application environment and PaaS building
  • Building of the DevOps environment using Kubernetes and Nexus Repository
  • Monitoring configuration using Prometheus/Grafana
  • Building of the DevOps environment through CI/CD and service mesh
  • RBD/Shared file system service using Ceph
Combined with OpenStack
  • Combined with Playce OpenStack, Playce Kube provides the
    infrastructure/platform service optimized for needs of customers
  • Improved operating efficiency and monitoring of Kubernetes and OpenStack

Main Function of Playce Kube

Playce Kube provides consulting and enables building and maintenance of the DevOps environment, based on Kubernetes.

Container Optimization
  • Container auto locating/disaster recovery/extension/deployment
  • Multi-cloud management
  • Catalogue-type deployment using
    Helm Chart
Service Mesh/Monitoring/Logging
  • Monitoring and logging optimized for applications
  • Application monitoring/tracking through Service Mesh
Build/Deployment Automation
  • Development/staging/operation and deployment through the CI/CD pipeline
  • Building of the best DevOps environment using the latest CNCF packaging
  • Kubernetes cluster back-up/recovery
  • PV back-up/recovery
  • Cluster migration
Open Source
  • Open source only packaging enabling tech transfer/maintenance and guaranteeing independence from vendors
Optimal Configuration
for OpenStack
  • Building of the optimal PaaS environment using Tenant/LoadBalancer features of OpenStack

Playce Kube Configuration

Playce Kube is an efficient PaaS platform providing minimum configuration for development through extended configuration.

Minimum Configuration
Extended Configuration

Building Optimal Infrastructure with Playce Cloud
(Playce OpenStack / Playce Kube)

Playce Cloud enables building of SDDC infrastructure where VM, containers and Bare metals are gathered, managed and networked to use the same storage and the same network. Open Source Consulting, as a silver member of CNCF (Cloud Native Computing Foundation), provides infrastructure building service optimized for the environment of customers.
Infrastructure Building (Optional)
  • IaaS solution for controlling the entire lifecycle of infrastructure
  • PaaS solution enabling scaling at any time, Workers can be configured at Bare metal for high performance
  • If upgraded with the 100% community-based source, the community source can fully be reflected
  • OpenStack should be packaged as containers for online upgrades and convenient disaster response
  • Bare metal management for databases or security tools
  • Open source-based monitoring/admin tools
  • SDC* : Bare metal/VM/Container
  • SDN* : L4 router / L4,7 LB / security
  • SDS* : RBD / NFS(CephFS) / Object Storage

* SDC(Software-Defined Compute)/SDN(Software-Defined Network)/SDS(Software-Defined Storage)/ RBD(Raw Block Device)

Our Customers

Playce Cloud supports customer’s building of stable, optimized cloud environment by considering the architecture and the ecosystem of the community.

Playce Cloud allowed us to adopt the open source software of the community version.

“All cloud infrastructure was migrated from commercial IaaS/PaaS to Playce Cloud. It was hard to deploy the open source SW of the community version due to tech support issues. Playce Cloud of Open Source Consulting equipped with experience and skills gained through multiple open source projects helped me build flexible infrastructure.”

Stability in infrastructure operation and Tech competitiveness of the company were improved.

“Groupware Daou Office SaaS service infrastructure was migrated from Mirantis OpenStack to Playce OpenStack. After migration, the company is stably operating infrastructure with support from the community, and the company technically gained competitive edge through tech transfer."


Open Source Consulting’s subscription model provides customers with
the highest level of Technical Support and the latest software.

Use the latest version without worries

Support for security patches and bug fixes are available during the subscription period.

Support from reliable experts

Our support service desk, which consists of knowledgeable and experienced professional engineers, is accessible 24-hrs.

Ensure reliability through proven technology

Open Source Consulting’s proven technical experiences save time and money for customers by solving problems before they occur.