Playce WASup

Trial license to use Playce WASup is offered for free. Trial license has no functional restrictions and can be used for free until the defined expiration date.

  1. Step 1. Trial key request
    • Trial key is provided for free use of Playce WASup for 30 days.

    • Trial key is provided through the installation file without separate application.

  2. Step 2. Installation file download

    only PC*

  3. Step 3. Installation and running
    • Please refer to the installation guide to install and use Playce WASup.

      Installation guide

Playce RoRo

The trial key for free trial of Playce RoRo is available. The trial key has no limited features, and allows free use of Playce RoRo by the expiry date.

  1. Step 1. Trial key request
    • Trial Key for 15-day free use of Playce RoRo is provided.

      Trial License Request
    • Click the “Trial License Request” button.

    • Our staff sends Trial Key to your e-mail.

  2. Step 2.Setup file downloads
  3. Step 3. Login and use

Playce Cloud

Playce Cloud can be downloaded and used for free from Github. There are no functional limitations and the latest version is available.

  1. Step 1. Download Playce Kube
    • The installation file is available in zip.

    • By downloading the installation file, you are deemed to have agreed to the software license.

  2. Step 2.Install and use
    • For installation and use of Playce Cloud, please refer to the installation guides.

      Installation guide