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Playce WASup is a Tomcat integrated management solution optimized for the cloud environment.

Playce WASup minimizes IT costs through
independence from vendors and strengthened
Web and WAS.

Why Playce WASup?

Improved Web/WAS features compared
to those of open sources

Playce WASup offers stability and features differentiated for
administrators by improving software based on open sources.

  • Improved conveniences through Wizard and integrated
    management features
  • Session clustering optimal for large-scaled systems
  • Reinforced monitoring and fault responses
Optimization for the cloud environment

Integrated management of various WAS of a large-scaled
system in the scalable cloud environment

  • Address administration issues occurred when the cloud
    system is deployed
  • Provide scalability through auto-scaling and provisioning
  • Easily manage and operate large-scaled open source WAS


We provide management tools to enable rapid expansion,
prompt diagnosis, and preemptive action to problems.

Easy and Differentiated
  • Optimize for multi-server and cloud-based
  • Integrated management and control for
    multiple servers
  • Provide version control, installation
    and patch function of the entire system
Fast Diagnosis and
  • Prevent failures through pre-diagnosis
    and responses
  • Prompt response to failures through
    real time alarm
  • Track and analyze the cause of failure
Groundbreaking IT Costs Reduction
  • Reduce costs compared to existing
    commercial WAS
  • Minimize expansion costs for customer's
    environment change
  • License structure optimized for cloud

User Guide Video

Experience the easy-to-use feature of integration management.

Main Function

Various features are provided including product installation, configuration,
session clustering, system failure, and provisioning.

Convenient Wizard Features

Provide wizard function to configure web server and middleware

  1. Step 0. hide hide item
  2. Step 1. Choose a domain and create a new one
  3. Step 2. Choose an application server and create a new one
  4. Step 3. Choose a web server and create a new one
  5. Step 4. Choose a session server and create a new one
  6. Step 5. Deploy a datasource and modify registered server
  7. Step 6. Deploy an application and modify registered server
  8. Step 7. Review wizard and launch
Convenient Management Feature based on Web UI
  • Provide multi-server management and control
  • Single view at-a-glance of servers and resources registered to domain
    through Topology View
  • Provide switch function to Light/Dark Mode of browser
Real-Time Monitoring Dashboard
  • View to current alarms and monitoring key information
    through intuitive dashboard
  • Realtime monitoring system through own
    agent, JMX, and ScouterX APM
  • Data collection and statistical information display about
    operating system status (CPU, memory, disk, network, etc.)
Pre-response and Tracking of Failures
  • Optimized failure event rule registration for the system
  • Access control using rules based on IP and domain
  • Notify occurrence of failure in real-time and track/analyze feature
  • Log management feature for failure cause analysis


Provisioning Feature
  • Automatic engine installation and
    environment configuration available
  • Easy to use complex functions such as data
    source and thread configuration, and driver
  • Support installation function and upgrade of
    Web/Application/Session Server by version
Improve Performance through
Session Clustering
  • Support large session clustering function with
    the Playce Dolly product
  • Resolve session memory shortage and GC
  • Ensure server stability and high performance
Action History and User Role
  • Support restoring function and history
    management for server installation and
  • User management function that can grant
    authority by role
  • Provide version control and patch function of


Provide the session clustering function to maintain the system consistency, and
help to operate efficiently by minimizing operational fault.

Standard Support Specification

Provide the main standard specifications of Java SE 6, 7, 8.

Wasup 표준 지원 명세
Spec Playce WASup
Web Server Apache 2.4 / Nginx 1.15
HTTP 1.0 / 1.1 / 2.0
App Server Version WASup App Server 7.0 WASup App Server 8.5 WASup App Server 9.0
Java SE 6.0+ 7.0+ 8.0+
Servlet 3.0 3.1 4.0
JSP 2.2 2.3 2.3
EL 2.2 3.0 3.0
WebSocket 1.0 1.1 1.1
JASPIC N/A 1.1 1.1
Supporting Operating Systems
  • OS that can install Java Runtime
    Environment (JRE) 8 or higher such as Linux
    / Unix / Mac / Windows
  • Some features, such as Web Server
    installation, work only on Red Hat Linux

Our Customers

Playce WASup is a GS certified product that provides a stable operating environment for customers.

The best tool for creating an efficient open source based operating environment through web server/middleware control and monitoring.

“Playce WASup is the best tool for creating an efficient open source based operating environment through web server/middleware control and monitoring. We have built a next-generation system using Playce WASup to manage the existing web server and WAS operated by Hana Tour. We were able to improve the overall efficiency of resource management by using a central web console configuration rather than having to individually configure and manage each system.”

By applying Playce WASup to Jungnang-gu office's smart city IoT integration platform, we were able to systematically manage the middleware.

By applying Playce WASup to Jungnang-gu office's smart city IoT integration platform, we were able to systematically manage the middleware, which is a key element in the platform.The data collected from sensors and devices are transferred to Jungnang-gu office IoT Server, and through real-time monitoring, we were able to provide more reliable services to Jungnang residents.“


Open Source Consulting’s subscription model provides customers with the highest level of Technical Support and the latest software.

Use the latest version without worries

Support for security patches, bug fixes, and the latest version upgrades are available during the subscription period.

Support from reliable

Our support service desk, which consists of knowledgeable and experienced professional engineers, is accessible 24-hrs.

Ensure reliability through
proven technology

Open Source Consulting’s proven technical experiences save time and money for customers by solving problems before they occur.

Coverage and level of subscription service

Service coverage Community Trial Enterprise
Product support service Product support service
Installation file and installation guide 지원 지원 지원
User guide 지원 지원 지원
Patch files and application guide (Provide email) 지원 미지원 지원
Product version upgrade (Provide email) 지원 미지원 지원
Technical Support Service Technical Support Service
Playce Support - Online (24 X 7) 미지원 미지원 지원
Phone support(Mon-Fri, AM 9 - PM 5) 미지원 미지원 지원
Professional engineer support (Mon~Fri. 9 AM~5 PM) 미지원 미지원 지원
Service level Community Trial Enterprise
Number of online support requests 미지원 미지원 Unlimited
Number of offline support requests 미지원 미지원 4 offline requests
Online response time 미지원 미지원 Within 4 hours on business days
Offline response time 미지원 미지원 Within 8 hours on business days

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