Playce Cloud

Community open source packaging optimized for your environment! IaaS & PaaS Cloud Platform

Playce Cloud supports building of stable, optimized cloud environment by considering the architecture and the ecosystem of the global community.

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What is Playce?
It is a combination of words “Play” and “CE (Cloud Era).” It is an Open Source Consulting brand
representing the pleasure of free use of open sources.
Playce WASup

Integrated Middleware Management for Stable Infrastructure Tomcat Management Tool

Playce WASup minimizes IT costs through easier integrated management of the community open source WAS.

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“All cloud infrastructure was migrated from commercial IaaS/PaaS to Playce Cloud. It was hard to deploy the open source SW of the community version due to tech support issues. Playce Cloud of Open Source Consulting equipped with experience and skills gained through multiple open source projects helped me build flexible infrastructure.”


“Service infrastructure for our groupware SaaS solution, “Daou Office” was migrated from Mirantis OpenStack to Playce OpenStack. After migration, our operating infrastructure is running stably with support from community and achieve technical competitive through the skill and knowledge transfer.”


Playce WASup is the best tool for creating an efficient open source based operating environment through web server/middleware control and monitoring. We have built a next-generation system using Playce WASup to manage the existing web server and WAS operated by Hana Tour. We were able to improve the overall efficiency of resource management by using a central web console configuration rather than having to individually configure and manage each system.”


By applying Playce WASup to Jungnang-gu office's smart city IoT integration platform, we were able to systematically manage the middleware, which is a key element in the platform.The data collected from sensors and devices are transferred to Jungnang-gu office IoT Server, and through real-time monitoring, we were able to provide more reliable services to Jungnang residents.”


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